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Welcome To Immortal International School

The school is a good lush green peaceful surrounding. It provided well furnished, spacious rooms on twin sharing basis with beautiful lawns and healthy surroundings.

The e-learning centre of the school provide required tech- savvy learning through advanced technique. The school provides rooms with suitable indoor games. It is well equipped with modern sanitary arrangements and all other amenities required by the students.


Motto Of The School

The motto of the school

विद्या ददाति विनयम्

is to pursue excellence and set pace in the field of school education by making the students acquire knowledge through experience and thus add to wisdom. Also the school will focus to develop the spirit if national integration and create a sense of 'Indian-ness' among children.


It is well equipped with modern sanitary arrangements and all other amenities required by the students. A state of the Art Swimming pool will be constructed where all the students will be taught swimming and gradually trained under the guidance of qualified and experienced swimming coach. In addition to this a modern and advanced gymnasium will be provided to take care of the physical health of the students under the supervision of trained instructors. Basket Ball and Badminton Court will be going to be a part of school soon.


  • School follows the syllabus in strict accordance to C.B.S.E., New Delhi.
  • Medium of Instruction is purely English. Hindi is taught as compulsory subject up to Class VII, whereas Sanskrit will be taught as sixth subject from Class VI to VII.
  • New Pattern of C.B.S.E. introduced in Feb. 2017 is strictly followed from class Ito class VII.

  • All the Amendments/ Addition in Examination By Laws of the Board are strictly followed.
  • The whole session of variety of tasks in different subjects like pen paper test, debates, group discussions, seminars, practical, oral exarnination, speeches etc.
  • Periodic report of progress is reported to parents throughout the year.
  • The promotion of student to next class is strictly based on the weight age allotted by C.B.S.E.
  • The qualifying marks in each subject shall be 40 percent.
  • The decision of the school authorities with regard to promotion is final and abiding.


The Primary aim of the school is spontaneous growth and development of individual- physical, mental, moral, spiritual values and ultimately to form her/ him into a true citizen of the nation.

  • It aims all round development of children by drawing out the best in them.
  • Aims all quality of self reliance, mutual help, team spirit, service of general awareness and leadership.
  • aims at qualitative and excellence in scholastic as well as co -scholastic fields in particular and life in general.
  • Aims at character building of the children and propagation of patriotic sentiments.

The school ambience gives a cultural atmosphere to the student which is nothing less than the culture of India. Our students are full of respect to elders, parents, teacher and all their seniors. They are trained to obey their parents as well as how to discuss.


Why Immortal ?

Our school will always focus on different aspects of education followed by the activities..

It has trained dedicated faculty members. They are the amalgamation of good work, discipline and punctuality. The focus is on the reinforcement and endorsement of a child’s capability through many fold activities and learning exercises. Our medium of instruction will be exclusively English which is globally accepted as international language.



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